Policies & Forms

As part of its legal responsibilities, the Peru Public Library Board of Trustees adopts policies regulating the library’s operations. The policies help the library provide fair and equitable service to all patrons of the library.

Library policies

Circulation policy 2017
Code of Conduct, revised 2016
Collection Development, 2017
Computer and internet use policy adopted 2011
Financial Plan adopted 2011
FOIA Public Policy adopted 2016
Fund Balance Policy, adopted 2015
Identity Protection adopted 2015
Local History & Genealogy, 2017
Organizational Chart revised 2015
Public Comment policy adopted 2013
Supplemental services fund adopted 2011
Tort-Immunity policy adopted 2012
Travel Expense Reimbursement adopted 2016

Library procedures include the following

Photo-Video Permission Notice

Library forms

The library also adheres to the following state-wide codes and policies.