Read Away Your Fines

We encourage reading by helping to remove barriers such as fines. We offer our younger patrons an option for reducing their fines, Read Away Your Fine. By reading at the library, patrons 12 years and younger read away their fines. For each 15 minutes they read at the library, their fine is decreased a $1.00.

To earn a Reading Buck:

    • Visit the Peru Public Library children’s area.
    • Pick out a book, textbook or magazine to read. Or bring a book you are already reading.
    • Show the librarian your library card or have it pulled from the drawer.
    • The librarian gives you a Reading Buck listing your library fine and a start time.
    • Sit down and read. You can stop after 15 minutes or read longer.
    • Give your Reading Buck back to the librarian for an end time.
    • Your fine is lowered by the amount you earned reading at the library.

How do I register for the Reading Your Fines Away program? Stop by Children’s Services with your parent and speak with the children’s librarians.

What can I read? Books, graphic novels, magazines, textbooks, just check with the librarian to make sure.

Where can I read? In the children’s area of the library.

What can I get with a Reading Buck? Your overdue fines are reduced or lowered by $1.00 for each 15 minutes you read.

May I use a Reading Buck for a replacement card? No, the Reading Bucks are only for your fines, not to replace a card or pay for a damaged book.

May I give my friend or my brother my Reading Buck? No, your Reading Bucks are good only for your fines, no one else’s. But next time bring your friend and your brother so they can earn their own Reading Bucks.

When can I earn Reading Bucks? Any time the library is open. Children who have not completed 2nd grade must have a responsible adult with them while at the library.

May I save my Reading Bucks in case I have a fine in the future? No, the Reading Bucks need to be used as soon as you earn them.

How many Reading Bucks may I earn? As many as you want, just keep reading.