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Brainfuse Tutoring

Provided by the Peru Public Library, Brainfuse is a free eLearning platform offering online homework help with professional tutors. Tutors are available to help with Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, History, Geography, and Language Arts for students in grades K-12. Students communicate with tutors using an interactive whiteboard to write, draw, copy/paste text or images relating to homework problems.

Creation of a personal account is not required to get live homework help.

What you need to use the free tutoring

To use Brainfuse HelpNow Tutoring service, you need a library account with the Peru Public Library.

If you don’t have a Peru Library card, visit the library to register and receive your physical card. Or request a Digital Access account from the library – this allows you to use all our digital and/or online service, such as Brainfuse.

Quick start with Live Tutoring

To use Brainfuse Tutoring on a computer

  • Access Brainfuse HelpNow
  • Enter your Peru Library account number, all 14 digits
  • Select Live Tutoring, listed under Expert Help
  • Select your grade and subject
  • Click the Get Live Help button to enter the online classroom
  • Wait for a tutor to connect with you for online assistance
  • Remember, Live Tutoring is available 2pm -11pm Monday – Sunday
Do I need to create a personal account with Brainfuse?

No, you can use the Live Tutoring without creating a Brainfuse account. but a free Brainfuse My Account is needed to:

  • Save your homework help session
  • Use the HelpNow app (Apple or Android)
  • Submit a writing assignment for review and/or feedback
  • Use the SkillSurfer section
  • Submit a homework question to Send Question
How do I create a personal account?
  • Access HelpNow with your library account number
  • Click on My Account
  • When asked, enter a username and a password. Brainfuse recommends not using your first and last names, to help with confidentiality.
  • Choose a security question and enter your answer
Watch this video for information on using HelpNow
Using the Adult Learner section
Quick overview of using the Whiteboard