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Read Away Your Fines

We encourage reading by helping to remove barriers such as fines.  Peru patrons 12 years and younger may read away their fines.  For children not yet reading independently, an adult may read to a child or participate in a learning activity such as a puzzle or counting blocks while building.  For each 15 minutes of an activity at the library, the fine is decreased a $1.00.

To begin:

  • Visit the Peru Public Library youth service’s area.
  • Let the librarian know you are going to begin.
  • Let the librarian know when you are done.
  • The fine is lowered by the amount you earned.

How do I register for the Reading Your Fines Away program? Stop by Youth Services with your parent and speak with the youth librarians.

What can I read? Books, graphic novels, magazines, and textbooks.

What do I do if my child doesn’t read yet? Read to your child or participate in one of the play and learn activities in the Youth Services department.

Where can I read? In Youth Services located in the lower level of the library.

May I read to pay for a replacement library card or a damaged or lost book? No, this program is only for your fines, not to replace a card or pay for a damaged book.