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200,000 minutes by August 14

That is a lot of minutes. That’s 3,333 hours. 138.9 days! But why does any of that matter?

This year we’ve set a community goal to read 200,000 minutes during the Summer Reading Challenge. Something we can all work towards together. Our Reading Colors Your World Summer Reading Challenges for age’s birth to 12 and 13 + up began June 7. Join us to help us meet or surpass the reading goal we’ve set!

This challenge will end Saturday, August 14. We’ll have just 68 days to read more than double the number of days equal to 200,000 minutes. We hope you’ll help us reach our goal! In the process, you earn raffle tickets allowing you to enter online raffles for some really cool prizes!

How can you help us reach our goal and earn those cool prizes? Scroll up to the Books+More section, hover over it until the drop down list appears and then select “Reading Challenge”. Here you can find a link to our Beanstack site to register and learn some of the specifics about this year’s reading challenge. You will also find videos showing you how to register for a reading challenge and a general overview of how to use Beanstack.

Beanstack also has an app you can use to track your reading! Register for the challenge once you’ve downloaded it to your mobile device. (Google Play and App Store) You can track either minutes read or you can track the exact titles you’ve read for a fun look at the reading trends or genres you didn’t realize you prefer!