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You need a little Brainfuse

Hey! I have some interesting information that might excite you! You should click to find out more!

Thanks for clicking! Double thanks for using our website! While you’re here, you check out Brainfuse. This is a free tutoring service for Peru cardholders. Don’t stop reading though. There is more to Brainfuse than just tutoring. If you’re not in school any longer but interested in testing your knowledge, you can take quizzes to see how well you remember 9th grade English lessons.

Maybe you’re going on vacation soon to France! You can brush up on your French or begin the learning journey on Brainfuse! Did watching The Queen’s Gambit on one of the library’s Roku’s remind you that you’ve always meant to learn how to play chess? Brainfuse can help! In their featured service section chess tutoring is available. The featured service changes, so you don’t want to miss out!

Brainfuse offers a writing lab, that allows for expert, online writing assistance. Skill Surfer is where you can go to take that quiz testing your knowledge of 9th grade English. Skill Surfer also has built-in lesson plans, videos, and study tips for Kindergarten through adult learners! Topics for adult learners include college, ASVAB, Computers and technology, ELL, Online Research Skills, and even a Parent Corner that can help you get started.

Brainfuse has live tutoring available online Monday through Friday from 2 to 11 p.m. with the exception of holidays. They can help with everything from Kindergarten Math to filing FAFSA for your college student.

Don’t know what you need to learn? Check out the LEAP Learning Platform, a diagnostic test center that will customize a study plan, lesson and tutoring just for you or your child. You can also use the FlashBulb feature to create your own flashcards, tests and games. Learning is easy when it’s fun!

If you are a high school student or know one, consider checking out eParachute, a feature that helps you discover a potential college major and career path to match your skills and interests. As the Teen Services Manager, the one thing I know many students stress over is what to major in when college rolls around. Ease some of the stress or help yourself explore your options by using this feature.

This incredible service can even help you update your resume, prepare for U.S. citizenship tests and High School Equivalency exams or just help you figure out how to use Microsoft Office.